Uganda is again the law for the death penalty for homosexuality

Uganda has on Thursday announced plans for a new law, in which homosexuals and the death penalty can be given. In accordance with the decision-makers have the antihomowet “with the increase in unnatural sex’ in the East African country’s challenges.

Five years ago, and wanted by the government, the law is already in the thread. The constitutional court has held, however, because the bill is not intended to be. Some of the politicians were showing a modified proposal, which was, to date, has not yet been done.

“Ugandans find homosexuality to be unnatural, but the schools will find a massive recruitment for a place where gay men lie, claiming that people were born that way,” said the minister, Simon Lokodo Ethics and Integrity.

According to Lokodo, shoots of the current Ugandan law, which homosexuality is penalized for default. “We want to make it clear that anyone who is involved in the promotion and spread of homosexuality is to be punished. For those who have this sort of severe actions, should be subject to the death penalty,” he said. At this time, prison sentences of up to life in prison.

Homosexuality a taboo subject in many African countries

Homosexuality in many African countries it is not allowed. Penalties that may be imposed range from prison sentences to the death penalty. Gay and lesbian people in Uganda, leads a double life, because their sexual orientation is not safe to express them.

In april, Brunei’s well-known that the death penalty is required for a lhbti people. That decision has led to so much international criticism of the sultan is of a small Asian country for a month, it was decided that the introduction of the death penalty for an indefinite period of time and to demand immediate payment.


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