UEFA opens investigation into recordtransfers PSG

The French football team Paris Saint-Germain break the rules on Financial Fair Play? UEFA opens an investigation.

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“The UEFA has a formal investigation into the Paris football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’, reports the organization on its website.

UEFA will ‘in the light of the recent transferactiviteiten check or PSG financial balance to comply with. According to the Financial Fair Play principle, should a club not to spend more than they earn. The test room of the financial control body of the UEFA, will all transferdocumenten the coming months to review it carefully. Until the research is completed, remember the UEFA is of comments.

The UEFA inquiry comes after PSG 222 million counted down to the Brazilian Neymar way to buy in Barcelona. Thursday was also the transfer of the French hint Kylian Mbappé completed. After a uitleenbeurt of one season can Mbappé for 180 million euro to permanently make the switch from Monaco to PSG.

The Parisians leaps creative with the rules in both deals. So is Mbappé in the first instance, rented, Neymar bought themselves back out at Barça.


If a club the Financial Fair Play rules, can they be excluded from the competitions of the UEFA, including the prestigious Champions League. In 2014 got PSG a penalty of UEFA. ‘PSG is surprised by this state of affairs. Although the club is not obliged to, we have the UEFA kept informed of our activities in the transfer market’, responded to PSG in a press release. “The club is confident that they can prove that the rules of Financial Fair Play, for the season 2017/2018 not been violated. PSG has always fully transparent trades. For the past six years we have out of respect for the institute, a relationship of mutual trust with UEFA.’

“Our general manager Jean-Claude Blanc on August 23 in Paris, during a speech of three hours to UEFA’s experts demonstrated that the transactions with Barcelona and Monaco, within the lines of the Financial Fair Play”, sounds the yet. “On 31 August, the general director explained in detail to the UEFA how in the transfer to Monaco will be incorporated in the accounts of PSG.’

According to the Parisians will the income of the French club at the end of the season to increase by 104 million euros. PSG also notes that the left “of a very significant value is that in the next two transferperiodes in January and June, additional added value can yield’.

“We will in the coming days to keep in touch with the UEFA and will, as usual, answers to all the questions.’

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