Udens hospital Bernhoven realizes lower sales for better care

Udens hospital Bernhoven realizes lower sales for better care

Hospital Bernhoven in Uden has been sales the past two years, dropping 12 percent. The hospital strives consciously to less revenue as part of the program Meaningful Care.

The goal of Meaningful Care is delivering better care by doing less, reports the NOS. If it is necessary, for individual patients, more time allocated for a better treatment. By the new way of working can be cut in the costs.

The hospital actively seeks to care for fewer patients, for example, by dermatologists consultation to take place with general practitioners in the region. Also are digital keuzehulpen available for patients, making it more emphatically on the advantages and disadvantages of surgery are noted.

That has, for the past two years have led to much less operations: galblaasoperaties is a decrease of 15 percent and liesbreukoperaties to a decrease of 23 percent.

Recording time

Bernhoven limited further, the recording time of patients with the department of acute withdrawal. People stay there for no longer than 48 hours. After that time they go home with a diagnosis, or they are transferred to another department of the hospital. Patients are at less risk of hospital-acquired infections, and it is cheaper.

Several other hospitals are doing similar projects or consider themselves out.

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