Uber to start again with testing self-propelled cars

Uber to start again with testing self-propelled cars

Photo: Uber

Two months after Uber by the pressure of the supervisor stopped his self-propelled cars in San Francisco, pick up the wagons now in Arizona passengers

Uber stopped at the end of december with testing of self-propelled cars in San Francisco, the city where the headquarters of the company is located. The supervisor of California claimed there permits for autonomous cars, Uber refused that.

Now, Uber are testing a state away in Arizona. There, the company has been a blessing all received from governor Doug Ducey, reports The Verge. Ducey will also likely be the first passenger in his state by a self-propelled Uber-car will be transported will be.

Looser regulations

Uber put the same sixteen custom Volvo XC90’s in, all equipped with two Uber-engineers in the front seats in case of emergencies and defects can intervene. Users from the city of Temple can the car be ordered, Uber hopes the cars in the coming weeks in more surrounding cities.

In Arizona, the rules for testing self-propelled cars much looser than in California. Governor Ducey signed in 2015, a decree that many government branches, instructs “all the necessary steps to take on the test of self-propelled cars on the public road in Arizona to support”.

In California it is now mandatory for each self-propelled car on the way to apply for a licence from the government. According to Uber, there is of self-propelled cars did not occur, due to the presence of the technicians.


When Uber refused in december such licences, and showed the supervisor the registration plates of the self-propelled cars to be invalid. The first test that Uber with self-propelled cars held in september 2016 in the city of Pittsburgh, in the east of the country. During one of the first autonomous driving in San Francisco drove one of the Uber-cars, incidentally, by red.

Self-propelled taxi Uber rides through red

Uber has regular disagreements with the authorities. The fast-growing company regularly seeks the edges of the law, and sometimes also over. So broke Uber in the Netherlands the law by drivers without taxilicentie to drive around. In some countries is now allowed, but in the Netherlands the UberPOP cars from the streets disappeared.

Also the construction in which all of the Uber-chauffers as the self employed and so, without a contract, working in different countries for lawsuits taken care of. It is expected that Uber drivers in the long run will be replaced by self-propelled cars.

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