Uber sued for a driver that large-scale accidents caused in the USA

Uber sued for a driver that large-scale accidents caused in the USA

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Uber is in the American state of New Jersey indicted by an amateur runner who is seriously injured in an accident with an Uber driver. According to the plaintiff, Katherine Vescue has a negligent driver of a taxi service last year, a big accident caused where they had been severely wounded.

That writes Ars Technica. Vesce hit out deliberately by the accident and sustained a “serious injury to her knee”.

The woman suing Uber among others, for negligence and fraud. To say that there was something “wrong” with the Uber driver, named Souleymane Niago. So he would not have any skilled driver.

Vesce was on the particular day on the way to the New York City marathon. In the accident she was so severely injured that they are unlikely to ever run a marathon can run.

“The driver caused almost several accidents within the first five minutes of the ride, and drove erratically to make turns and other vehicles to pass,” according to the indictment. The driver would also have had difficulty with communicating in English. “It seemed that he was not able to use various traffic signs to read or understand.”

According to the indictment, reed Niango suddenly four lanes with a speed of about 112 kilometres per hour, after Vesce pointed at an approaching exit. It was the vehicle, “that almost horizontally over the way reed”, against another car. “Both cars slid off the highway and came up against a fence on the side of the road.”

Other lawsuits

The indictment is the latest in a series of for Uber. Several lawsuits claimed that Ubers security and trainingsprocedures insufficient. That would result in similar unsafe behaviour by the drivers.

Uber has not responded to the notice.

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