Uber starts ‘urgent investigation’ to claim sexual harassment

Uber starts ‘urgent investigation’ to claim sexual harassment

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Uber-ceo Travis Kalanick launch an ‘urgent investigation’ to sexism and sexual harassment within the company.

The investigation follows a blog post from former employee Susan Fowler, who says, from her first day to have to deal with sexual harassment by a manager.

There, they also directly reported, but the HR department would have denied the man to tackle because he has good reviews had had. There would, moreover, never had a message about him are entered.

According to Fowler, it turned out that several women’s complaints about the manager had submitted, but that nothing was done. The former technician, who is now for payment company Stripe is working, says her department at Uber yet but for 3 per cent of women existed when they left. On her first day, it was 25 percent.

Except for sexual harassment, says Fowler, also that they had experienced unequal treatment of men and women. Thus, for the women of her department, no leather jackets ordered when all the male employees that were given.

The director of the department would have said that on the mannenjassen a discount was agreed upon and that the low number of female employees could not expect that for them with more expensive jackets would be purchased. After the Fowler report had made, and threatened her manager to fire because of the message.

2/ I’ve instructed our CHRONIC Liane to conduct an urgent investigation. There can be absolutely no place for this kind of behavior at Uber.


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00:59 – February 20, 2017


Shortly after Fowler in her blog post published, wrote Uber-director Kalanick on Twitter that the described practices are “repulsive and against everything we believe in.” The recently appointed HR director Liane Hornsey, research continues to run.

Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and member of the board of directors of Uber, says to co-operate with the investigation.

After Fowler and her blog post was published, the hashtag #DeleteUber (remove Uber) popular on Twitter. That happened recently when Uber according to the critics, is not doing enough to come against the entry of president Donald Trump, which many Uber drivers would take. Kalanick stepped ultimately from an advisory board of Trump, where Tesla founder Elon Musk is still a part of.

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