Uber shows notification about sexual harassment to terminate the account

Uber shows notification about sexual harassment to terminate the account

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Taxi-app Uber lets users that their account would terminate in some gevalleen see a message in which the company commences on recent reports about sexual harassment by employees.

In the message is that Uber, under the leadership of former attorney general john Eric Holder an investigation has started into the allegations, on Monday, emerged via former employee Susan Fowler.

She claimed that her manager had sexually harassed. Because he performed well the company would do nothing to have done.

“We believe in a workplace where a strong sense of justice, everything we do supports, and for everyone the main priority is to offer in the coming months and years to make the changes”, is the message that Twitter users shared. After the allegations of sexual harassment was the hashtag #DeleteUber (remove Uber) popular.

A spokesman for the company told Mashable that the message is only displayed to people that the blog post of Fowler specifically to enter as a reason for their account.


Many current and former employees of Uber recognise themselves in the image that Fowler outlines, dozens of anonymous sources Thursday against the New York Times. The newspaper writes about a “Hobbesiaanse atmosphere, in which employees sometimes against each other, and where violations of the best presterenden be ignored”.

According to legal documents that the New York Times has recognised, have Uber to deal with at least three lawsuits over sexual harassment in the two countries.


In a meeting where all employees of Uber, were invited would be Uber-ceo Travis Kalanick apologized have offered for the hand of the corporate culture. “What I can promise is that every day I will be better. I can tell you that I truly and fully committed to a solution,” he said according to the newspaper, that a video of the meeting saw.

During the same meeting, said Arianna Huffington, who as a member of the board of Uber is involved in the investigation of the claims of Fowler, that the company has no “brilliant jerks” more will adopt.

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