Uber should documents relating to acquisition of Otto hand it to Google-sister

Uber should documents relating to acquisition of Otto hand it to Google-sister

In the lawsuit between the taxi-app Uber and Waymo, the sister company of Google that self-propelled cars develops, Uber documents with details on the acquisition of Otto.

That startup was founded by Anthony Levandowski, the former Google and current Uber-technician who, according to Waymo confidential documents have been stolen.

Uber took Otto in 2016 of about 680 million dollar. According to Waymo the company since then, use of stolen technology, and must have documents relating to the acquisition of Otto prove that Uber aware of it.

Still wanted to Uber, the documents do not reveal, because according to the company confidential information. The judge in the case decided, however, that the document in its entirety must be handed over to Waymo, reports TechCrunch Friday.

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Right to remain silent

The Google-sister wants to get an insight into the preliminary research that Uber did before the acquisition was completed. There is also an interview with Levandowski included.

Levandowski, who is not personally sued, in the case invoked his right to remain silent. He has not confirmed whether he is in fact 14,000 of confidential files from Google and took them to Otto and Uber, such as Waymo claims.

Uber will find that Levandowski the theft should instantly deny it, or the relevant files must be returned to Google. He does not do that, then there is a danger the company him to dismiss. Levandowski works for no more Lidar sensors, the technology where the lawsuit is about.

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