Uber sends e-mail with apologies to customers in New York

Uber sends e-mail with apologies to customers in New York

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Uber has an e-mail with apologies to a customer in New York sent. Therein says the company knows that they disappoint has made, and that it is doing his best to improve.

That writes Business Insider. According to an insider, the e-mail sent to Uber customers, the last time, no rides have ordered.

Uber says in the e-mail that his customers are not given a high enough priority. Also describes the company a number of the “radical” changes that they are going to make. “Ultimately, it is the benchmark of our success is the satisfaction of our customers, drivers and employees. We realize that we have failed”, says the taxi service.

Describes also Uber a number of changes it is implementing now, the 47 recommendations contained in the Holder Report following an investigation into the company culture are adopted. “We want to be more responsible,” says Uber. “We put a committee together for ethics and culture to all actions of our company and our leaders to oversee.”

In addition, there is set up a helpdesk for employees unprofessional behavior reported can be. That help desk is always open.”We review our cultural values and go cooperation reward”, the company further. Also, the company wants to more diverse goals, where it is a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for to take. Who should supervise the new policy.


Uber is in the last half year, accused of, inter alia, sexual harassment and discrimination. Also, the taxi service is sued by Google sister company Waymo for the stealing of trade secrets around autonomous cars.

Last Sunday, said the Uber all 47 recommendations in the Holder Report. One consequence is that director Travis Kalanick temporarily on leave, and upon return, a part of his responsibilities, returned. When he returns, is not known.

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