‘Uber is violating the law with self-propelled trucks’

‘Uber is violating the law with self-propelled trucks’

Photo: Otto

Uber violates California may be again the law, without a licence self-propelled trucks to the test on public roads.

In december, Uber already are self-propelled cars back from California, after a dispute with the local supervisor. The taxi-app wanted when no license requests are self-propelled cars, and decided to test to continue in the state of Arizona.

It is in California required to regularly to the supervisor, to report on tests with self-propelled cars. In the reports should be reported how often problems occur.

The magazine Car and Driver reports Thursday that Otto, a subsidiary of Uber, is still a test run with a self-propelled trucks in California. The company has not authorised and does not report to the supervisor.


A spokesman for Otto said that the trucks only use systems that are already in consumentenauto’s like an advanced form of cruise control and the option to automatically into one lane to remain. Therefore, no license is required.

From a document that Car and Driver has viewed, however, would prove that the tests of Otto go much further. There are fully self-propelled trucks, which sometimes have to deal with software problems. On a map in the document are dozens of locations to see where problems have occurred in two weeks time.

A spokesman for the watchdog says the tests of Otto further to examine. If the trucks are indeed tracked turn out to be, they must, presumably, of the road disappear. California does not give licenses to self-propelled vehicles of more than 4,500 kilograms.


John Simpson, privacydirecteur of the American consumer group Consumer Watchdog, says that Otto the “insidious and illegal practices,” Uber continues to operate. “This requires someone to prison.”

Was Otto already in the clinch with a supervisor in Nevada, which the company warned about an “illegal” test with his trucks. Eventually, the Uber-daughter there the ability to have tests and certificates, including his own vehicles. Otto was last year for 680 million dollars bought by Uber.

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