Uber arranges for $ 20 million with the drivers after ‘deception’

Uber arranges for $ 20 million with the drivers after ‘deception’

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Taxi company Uber in a U.s. lawsuit, a settlement of 20 million dollars (19 million euros) paid, after drivers claimed they were tricked by the company.

According to the American handelswaakhond FTC lied Uber about the amount of money that drivers of the service could make, and about the conditions of car loans that were provided to new drivers.

To arrange has Uber here was no fault to be known, reports the Financial Times Friday. The $ 20 million will be divided among affected drivers.

According to the FTC promised Uber that its drivers in New York and San Francisco, respectively, a median income of 90,000 and 74,000 dollars. In reality, it was that amount, one-third less, according to research from the supervisor.

Uber does in different countries to deal with disgruntled employees, because they will always be seen as the self-employed. In the United Kingdom, decided a judge that this is unjust and that all drivers at least the minimum wage.

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