U.S. sends five hundred additional soldiers to the Middle East

The United States will send five hundred additional soldiers to the Middle East. The American president Donald Trump announces Friday that it is a precautionary measure due to the sustained tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

According to government sources the troops of the American defense in the region will strengthen. This includes engineers and staff that raketverdedigingssystemen mans.

The decision marks a change in direction of Trump, who had earlier denied that there are more military personnel to the region had. The president has since taking office, the offices of the American army in conflict zones, just scaled down.

In total, there are approximately seventy thousand American soldiers stationed in the Middle East.

The U.S. holds the Revolutionary Guard corps, the Iranian military elitekorps, responsible for sabotage to an oil tanker and attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia. Iran denies the allegations.

Situation escalated when U.S. warships to the region sent

The situation escalated in early may, when the united states decided to warships, including an aircraft carrier and bombers, in the direction of Iran to be send to the country to warn.

According to the U.s. national security advisor John Bolton, there was some evidence for a “threat” in the region. Allies of the USA, which are active in Syria and Iraq would, according to him, in danger.

The Pentagon confirmed Friday that additional troops to Iraq or Syria to be sent.

Trump and the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani have both said previously no want war.

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