U.s. judge puts re-entry ban temporarily stop

U.s. judge puts re-entry ban temporarily stop

Photo: AFP

A federal judge in the state of Washington has the temporary re-entry ban suspended that Donald Trump imposed on citizens of seven muslim countries.

The suspension applies for the entire country. The ruling is a setback for the White House.

The state of Washington recently filed a lawsuit because of the re-entry ban. The measure would allow residents of those countries to do harm and, moreover, invite to discrimination. Later closed the state of Minnesota to the case. Also in the states of Massachusetts and Virginia walked to the entry.

The lawyers of the American government beargumenteerden that the president has the power of the Congress to be making decisions about national security and the admission of immigrants. Opponents argue that the re-entry ban against the constitution conflict, because people on basis of religion will be banned.

The expectation is that the government of Trump quickly in appeal. The White House has not yet commented on the ruling.


At the end of January put Trump a re-entry ban on citizens of seven muslim countries. The ban led to worldwide outrage, and demonstrations. Worldwide were dozens of people detained at airports because they were on while the presidential decree was signed.

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