U.s. House of Representatives can veto Trump still not rollback

The state of emergency is still in force in the United States. The House of Representatives failed Tuesday to the decision of president Donald Trump way to vote.

Trump called last month the state of emergency in the U.S. in order to free up funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. The Congress had the funding for the construction in the first instance refused, and then Trump the heavy means at its disposal.

To the emergency to end, and therefore the decision of Trump to undo it, had the dissenting two-thirds of the votes are needed. With 248 votes against 181 were dissenting in the majority, but there was insufficient support.

234 Democrats voted for the lifting of the state of emergency, but were joined by only fourteen Republicans. One Democrat and two Republicans abstained from the vote.

Trump can for now continue with the transfer of money from public budgets to be grensbewakingsprojecten.


Trump calls state of emergency to limes wall with Mexico

Battle over funding wall for a long time

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, reiterated after the vote that Trump the state of emergency unauthorized has been proclaimed. “The founding fathers of the United States was not a monarchy, but a democracy. We swear allegiance to the constitution, not the president,” said the Democratic politician.

Republican congressmen, however, find that the president, nothing wrong has been done. “The president has the Congress been given authority to intervene”, responded to representative Sam Graves of Missouri. Predecessors of Trump used even though the state of emergency to create policies.

The battle over the state of the state of emergency is now with the judiciary. There are a number of legal cases. Sixteen states have in February all together a federal case filed to Trumps decision to turn back.

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