U.s. court demands half a billion of North Korea for dead student

A U.s. court has on Monday decided that North Korea is 501 million dollars (more than 439 million euros) must pay for the torture and subsequent death of the American student Otto Warmbier.

His parents complained to the North Korean regime for the death of the 22-year-old student.

Warmbier, a student from Virginia, was in February 2016, was arrested in the Asian country for attempted theft of a propagandavlag. He admitted guilt, though it is not clear whether he made that confession under duress discarded. There was him fifteen years of hard labor imposed.

Warmbier was on June 13, 2017 early released; he had seventeen months of his sentence served. In the US, he was in a state of coma immediately admitted to a hospital in Cincinnati.

Here he died a few days later from his injuries. He had severe brain damage sustained during the torture. Pyongyang, however, held that Warmbier to botulism, a serious form of food poisoning, suffering, and the student to ensure that humanitarian reasons had been released.

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