U.s. army approves construction of contentious pipeline North Dakota well

U.s. army approves construction of contentious pipeline North Dakota well

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The Corps of Engineers of the U.s. army has decided to grant a licence for the construction of the last leg of a controversial pipeline in the state of North Dakota. The army gives in response to an order of the U.s. president Trump.

This is clear from documents that Tuesday were filed in federal court in Washington, D. C..

The construction of the pipeline was a few months after fierce protests from indian tribes and environmentalists. There was still a licence is required for the latter route, a tunnel under the Oahe, a reservoir of the Missouri river.

The tribe, Standing Rock Sioux, living on a reserve that is adjacent to the route of the pipeline. The tribe fears for groundwater contamination and the damage to the lands that they consider it to be sacred. The Sioux have announced the decision to contest.

In the picture: the controversial pipeline in North Dakota

Oil companies working in North Dakota to a 2000-kilometer-long pipeline, Dakota Access, that oil must be transported to Pakota, Illinois. From there it is transported to the refineries on the gulf coast.

The planned route of the controversial pipeline runs through native lands, which for many protest has created.

Original inhabitants of the Americas and activists have at the start of 2016 gathered in the so-called Oceti Sakowin camp to the construction of the pipeline.

Sioux indians call the pipeline the ‘Black Snake’. They are afraid that potential leaks to make sure that their drinking water and the soil useless.

Activists stay in tents, rv’s and other improvised shelters in the camp.

Activists and police have repeatedly to the confrontation to come. In november, dozens of protesters in the hospital after the police cold water, tear gas and rubberkogels began during a protest.
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Fireworks is on the 4th of december to see over the camp when the geniekorps of the American army, that the project oversees, announced that the pipeline is not under a lake in the Sioux reserve was allowed to come.

Trump, however, has said that he is going to take care of that in the pipeline there.

On 13 december announced that Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, Trump is appointed as minister of Energy. A subsidiary of a company where he was a member of the supervisory Board is involved in the construction of the oil pipeline.

Despite the protests, Tuesday, January 24, announced that president Donald Trump a presidential decision that the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline will accelerate.

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Presidential order

The pipeline will, upon completion, extend about 1882 km and will be used for the shale oil from North Dakota to transport to the Gulf of Mexico, where many oil refineries are located. The construction is carried out by the company to Energy Transfer ners and is estimated to 3.5 billion euros.

The protests around the construction of the pipeline ensured that the Obama administration at the end of last year, a decision on the licence is delayed. President Trump signed a few days after his inauguration, a presidential order that the Corps of Engineers ordered the construction of the pipeline to approve it.

The Dutch bank ABN Amro was last week announced to stop the funding of the parent company of Energy Transfer ners if there is no solution was found for the parties that are affected by the construction of the pipeline.

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