Typhoon that caused major trouble in Japan, the number of victims goes on

The typhoon Hagibis that caused Saturday’s big trouble in China. Due to the bad weather conditions in the Asian country, at least a dozen deaths, reported to the Japanese public service broadcaster NHK.

The rain and wind has led to flooding of rivers and damage to buildings and other facilities. More than half a million homes are without power. The Japanese authorities, more than six million people in the country are called on to evacuate.

Hagibis reached around 12: 30 in the morning (local time) to the mainland. Earlier in the day, a man came to life after the car’s wind-down was started. Another motorist died in a landslide, according to the Japanese broadcasting company NHK. There are sixteen of them went missing.

According to the authorities, ensures that Hagibis is for the most violent downpours of rain and gusts of wind in a few years. In many places, it is all in a record amount of rain had fallen. In the popular tourist town of Hakone, located near the famous mountain of Fuji, in 24 hours, but less than 939,5 millimetres of rain had fallen.

The weather service was 12 out of 47 counties, the highest weather warning has been issued. In the meantime, for a lot of areas in which the warnings were lifted. It is expected that the typhoon Sunday night is out of the country.


Wreaked havoc and flooded streets in Japan due to typhoon Hagibis

Thousands of flights cancelled

Because of the disruption the airports in Haneda and Narita in Tokyo, and the airport is shut down, and thousands of flights have been cancelled. Also, there are limited trains and the metro. A lot of the shops and businesses are closed.

The disruption is expected throughout the weekend. Why are the flights on Sunday will be cancelled. Also, there is less bus and train and metro traffic.

Typhoon Hagibis has caused problems in Japan

The typhoon Hagibis is on Saturday in the country come from china.
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The typhoon was accompanied with violent showers of rain and gusts of wind in a few years.
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Due to the bad weather, some of the deaths.
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The Japanese authorities have given millions and millions of people are asked to evacuate.
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They will be able to pay a visit to gyms.
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The international airport is at Tokyo and the traffic came to a standstill.
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Furthermore, there is limited bus and train and metro traffic.
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