Tygo Gernandt ‘longs for family’

Tygo Gernandt ‘longs for family’

Tygo Gernandt think regularly ‘it was time’ to start a family. The bachelor, the actor has always had his career on the first place, but would now like to settle down.

“In the last few years, there is a kind of wekkertje triggered. The sense of: hey, I am according to me the half,” he said in a call with Dragonfly.

The 43-year-old Doctor Tinus actor, wants, in addition to acting, he also produce and direct, but realizes also that his career always has given.

“How in love I was, if there is something beautiful in terms of work came by, my girlfriend is always on the second place. My mother said recently to me: “And now? You go still eighty series and fifty films? And then you have soon as you die hundreds of productions done, but who are there in your grave? Only colleagues.'”

Regulated quantity

Gernandt tells that he is fine would be to find an empty house to come home. “There’s a woman, someone that the quantity has settled, and which for peace.”

The actor feels no hurry to start a family – rather, he told him that he would like a father would be – but has the peace that parenthood entails.

“I see it with my friends. Children have you with both feet on the ground. If you are after a hard day’s work, with all the associated stress comes home and you play a game with your son is going to play, then slides all probably from you. Children to be put into perspective. And I need to.”

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