Two-thirds of UN countries agree to ban on nuclear weapons

Two-thirds of UN countries agree to ban on nuclear weapons

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More than 120 member states of the United Nations on Friday adopted a convention to be no nuclear weapons production, testing, inns, or to threaten to use it. The netherlands voted against the treaty.

“It is seventy years since the world met with the destructive power of nuclear weapons and from the first day, there was call for this weapon to prohibit,” said the Costa Rican UN ambassador Elayne Whyte Gomez after the end of voting.

Total voted 122 countries for the treaty. The netherlands voted in as only country against it, and was also the only NATO country that participated in the vote. Thus, in the Netherlands American nuclear weapons stored, that would be according to the treaty are not allowed.

More than forty countries did not participate in the vote. It went to countries that nuclear weapons possession and a lot of countries that protection of states with nuclear weapons.

United States

Especially the United States were critical about the proposal, partly because of the international tensions surrounding North Korea. The dictatorial country is concerned with the development of nuclear weapons despite pressure from the international community to stop.

The U.s. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, left, along with her British and French colleagues know not to have the intention to put the treaty to sign, ratify or ever part of it”. Nevertheless, it is possible for countries to put the treaty at a later time to sign.

NATO countries with nuclear weapons say more to see in a strengthening of the non-prolifertieverdrag that dates back to 1968. By means of that treaty is sought, the number of countries with nuclear weapons can be limited and the current arsenal of weapons to reduce.

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