Two of the cavers trapped in a Polish cave, a massive rescue operation was launched

More than two-dozen rescue workers have been on since Sunday, involved two it that since Saturday, stuck in a cave in the Polish Tatra mountains.

The two grotonderzoekers are as of the close toegangstunnel, it is filled with water, as reported to the rescue team.

It is if you don’t have to get in touch with the two-holers. The fear of the condition is growing because they have been exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Search and rescue team prepare to set explosives to an alternative route, but this will not be a quick solution. According to a spokesman of the rescue team, there can be days pass.

Activities: Volunteer #Search and #Rescue (#TOPR), is searching for two #spelunkers who were separated from the rest of their team, by #of water for a while #exploring-Wielka Śnieżna #Cave, the longest and the #deepest cave in the #Tatra #Mountains, #Poland, #cavers

AvatarAuteurPolandin_comMoment of plaatsen10:40 pm – August 18, 2019

The longest, largest and deepest cave of Poland

Two-holers are the Jaskinia Wielka Sniezna-cave, ” the large, snow-covered cave. This kalksteengrot is located in the Malolaczniak mountain in the western part of the Tatra mountains, part of the Carpathian mountains, in the south of the country.

The cave has a length of 23 km and an altitude of over 800 meters. This cave is the longest, largest and deepest cave of Poland.

The system has five inputs which are connected to each other by means of a complex system of horizontal as well as vertical movement. The system will also contain underground lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

In the cave, it was in 1959, give or take, but still, it is not the whole of the system is to be mapped.


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