Two new iPhones with 5G is scheduled for 2020′

Apple would have two new iPhones, with support for 5G networks in 2020, it would like to release. The smallest model is slightly smaller than that of the current iPhone XS.

With the new 5G-the iphone in 2020 will be getting screens from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. With the iPhone XS, it is at the moment, at least, is 5.8 inches in size.

This is evident from the information in the hands of Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst known for his close ties with Apple and production.

The techgigant would be to have a third phone for a lower amount to sell it with a screen of 6.1 inches. This unit supports only the 4G.

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The successors to the XS and XR

This seems to be Apple’s strategy over the past few years to try again. The 5 G-units appear to be in line with the iPhone XS, and XS, Max 4G phone is the iPhone, XR, on the.

The three phones to get in in 2019, will also have a successor and, prior to 2020, the next editions to come out. The 2019 at the latest version, it works, according to the sources, however, is not with the 5G.

Oled for all your devices

All the three phones will be oledschermen will be provided. This is different than the current generation, in which only the X – and XS-series of oled lighting have to offer. The iPhone-XR features an lcd display screen.

As of 2021, all new to the iphone with the 5G to work with, and it appears that there is no longer a device to only 4G.

5 G is coming

Service Providers throughout the world are currently engaged in the construction of a new, faster 5G-telecom network. Telefoonmakers to work on their turn at the devices of this network to support it.

Apple’s competitor, Samsung, released recently and it has a special 5G-only version of the Galaxy s smartphones on the market. According to rumors, the new Galaxy Note-a 5 G-model.

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