Two new arrests in the investigation into the dead in a truck in the UK

The Uk’s police force has launched two new suspects have been arrested for the incident, including 39 people have died in a lorry in the United Kingdom. The couple is accused of homicide and conspiracy to trafficking in human beings will be possible.

Those arrested are a 38-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman. Rather, it was a 25-year-old man from the North of Ireland, shortly after the discovery of the bodies taken away. He is accused of murder.

The truck was on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, was found at the place of Gray. Of the 31 men and eight women-in the refrigerated trailer had already died before the emergency services found them. The trailer was at night, from the Belgian Zeebrugge, the port of Purfleet, near to Gray. This trip will take you up to ten hours.

Mayor, Dirk de Fauw, from Zeebrugge to call it, because of the security measures at the port are very unlikely to be in the group, just before he left the trailer and climbed up. He has reason to suspect, therefore, that the individuals had died prior to arrival at the resort.


Johnson was shocked by the “tragic” discovery of 39 bodies

The first research will start on Friday

It is not known when the individuals, to the life to come. Also, their cause of death is still under investigation. The initial research will begin this Friday. Then it follows that the identification of men and women.

“This is the biggest investigation we’ve ever have had,” according to the local law enforcement. “It will probably take some time before conclusions are come to.”

According to local police, the victims, a Chinese national, however, the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has not yet been officially confirmed. The Chinese embassy in London, a group of representatives was sent to Essex, the county where Gray is one of them.


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