‘Two from Leaving Neverland, wants Michael Jackson to re-sue’

Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the two men that Michael Jackson in the documentary Leaving Neverland accuse of sexual abuse, want a new lawsuit against the late singer to start. A requirement for the lawsuit is not yet known.

In the French newspaper Le Figaro said attorney Vince Finaldi, who both men wage their legal battle, that he was for the summer, a new complaint will be submitted to. “A lawsuit is coming for sure.”

Robson testified in 1993 and in 2005 for Jackson and denied any form of abuse. In 2013 he stepped up to the judge to have the singer perform to complain. His complaint was not dismissed because of his previous testimonies.

In 2014 stepped Safechuck to the court, but his case was later dismissed. According to Finaldi make both men now have a chance in the courtroom, because “the story of his clients are particularly convincing and, in 2019 there is more awareness by #metoo and scandals surrounding abuse in the church”.

According to the lawyer determines that the court at the end of the summer or the complaint is admissible, then according to the councillor next year a process will lead.

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