Two dead and two hundred injured in protests in Iraq

In protest against the government in Iraq to have been at least two deaths, and two hundred people are injured, report the Iraqi health care professionals. In Iraq, turned to the police, among others, the tear gas, a water cannon and guns against the protesters.

More than a thousand people had gathered in the Iraqi capital, in a demonstration before the police brutality has ended. Among the wounded were 160 civilians and 40 police personnel.

In Iraq, fell down dead. In the southern province of Dhi Quar, where there are also demonstrations, also fell dead, while two others were injured.

Most of the injured had to be treated for inhalation of tear gas, some of them were hit by rubber bullets. According to the government, the protesters responsible for the violence, and the police are present to ensure safety.

Among the other protests because of the lack of jobs

The protests were held because of the chronic lack of jobs, electricity, clean drinking water in the nation. In 2018, there have already been protests in Iraq due to the poor water and sanitation.

According to the protesting y, it is the fault of the corrupt government that the country was unable to recover from years of internal conflict and a devastating war against the Islamic State.


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