Twittergebruikers fool followers to accounts to block

A joke on the social network Twitter entices users to their own accounts accidentally block.

Users call their followers to their birth year in their profiles to change it to 2007, and to establish a new theme for the website and app to unlock it.

So basically I fell for one of those “if you change your Twitter birthday to 2007, you get cool colour schemes and themes” tweets.
Now I’m too young to be on the app and have to wait until I turn 13 before I can use my og account.

AvatarAuteurplsankosiMoment of plaatsen03:32 – 26 march 2019

In reality, accounts are locked if this year of birth to adjust, because Twitter thinks that they are younger than thirteen years old. The social network suspends since last year young users to comply with the European privacy law.

Users who are in the joke are kicked, must have an ID-card to send to prove that they are older than thirteen years old. This process can take several days.

The social network, warns users not in the joke to the stairs. It is not known how many people their year of birth have tried to adapt.

If your account was locked after changing your Twitter birthday to 2007, please follow the instructions that were sent after the change was made to your account.

AvatarAuteurTwitterSupportMoment of plaatsen23:49 – march 26, 2019

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