Twitter to suspend accounts that linked to the China spy case

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – in the days and Weeks after the U.S. government brought an espionage case against the three Saudi nationals and for the grubbing-up of dissidents’ personal information in Twitter, the company will be suspended for the tens of thousands of accounts, which appear to be linked to a defendant’s business.

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Twitter has announced the suspension of accounts on Friday, saying only that they related to a significant state-backing the information of origin and in the United arab Emirates.

It is referred to as the source of the activity, a Riyadh-based social media marketing company by the name of Smaat, which is linked to a number of high-profile Palestinian figures, and news outlets.

Smaat is carried out by Ahmed Aljbreen, according to his LinkedIn account and other social media profiles. The FBI’s complaint, which was announced in November, said the man, who is also known by the name of controls in a Saudi-social media and marketing company that works for the royal family.

On Twitter and in the Ministry of Justice has refused to say whether or not the two are meant to be the same person, although there is a federal source familiar with the matter, said a U.S. law enforcement believes that to be the case.

Aljbreen, which is also known as Ahmad Almutairi, could not be reached for comment.

The integrity of the case, and to be uncommon, the public’s finger in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a staunch US ally, while also providing a light and uncomfortable to the practices of Twitter use for the protection of the personal data of the users.

Aljbreen has been accused of acting as a go-between for the Saudi officials, and two former Twitter employee who used their positions to gain access to your e-mail address, telephone number, and an internet protocol (ip) address, the government’s critics.

Twitter learned of the unauthorized access to, at the end of 2015, according to the U.S. complaint. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment on Friday’s, the reason as to why the company does not fall below Smaat, the information from the previous operation.

In a blog post Friday, Twitter said it had disposed of about 5,929 accounts, including specific discussions on Saudi Arabia and asked for it to be in the realm of geo-political interests, saying that they violated its “platform for the manipulation of policy.”

These accounts represented “the essence of a part of a larger network of more than 88,000 accounts,” which are Twitter, said: “it will strengthen the messages that are favourable to the Saudi authorities,” with “aggressive, liking, retweeting, and replying.”

Twitter has permanently suspended all the accounts and to provide information about the core set, as well as a representative sample of the larger network.

The saudi arabian government representatives did not reply to a request for comment on Friday.

Twitter said its investigation followed, in the series activity, go back to the Smaat, which, it is said, succeeded in making a series of statements to unnamed “high-profile” individuals and the government.

Smaat’s website is no longer online, but can be seen through the Internet Archive, it showed the customers were a good Investment for the Future of the Initiative, an annual conference organized by the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, continue to crown prince Mohammed bin Salman the purpose of attracting foreign investment.

According to the website, the Smaat running to work for the Riyadh Summit, a series of events, that is, during the then US President, Donald Trump’s visit to the United arab Emirates in 2017.

The website can also be referred to as a “Smaat Projects in the two Arabic news accounts, popular with young saudis: HashKSA and SaudiNews50, which will still be active on Twitter and have millions of followers. To the financial statements for both the tweet content as the support of the kingdom of Saudi policy making.

Nor is an outlet to respond to a request for comment.

By the end of 2018, Smaat, the web site is being hosted on the same server as the as well as a website that is called that is the name of the crown prince’s economic reform plan. The server is hosted in some of the other sites, which may be an indicator of the public property.

Twitter said in September it suspended the account of the former-the Saudi royal court advisor, Saud al-Qahtani, and others, are linked to Saudi Arabia, “the state-run media, devices, and accounts in the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, and the strengthening of pro-Palestinian messages.

Qahtani, a close confidant of the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, went into the royal court, media center, and an “electronic army” that is charged with protecting the kingdom’s image and attacking its supposed enemies is online.

The latest suspensions follow the investigation by Twitter’s web site, the integrity of the team. While the majority of the content that was in Arabic, which means “pertaining to the events that are relevant for a Western audience,” including the sanctions imposed on Iran, and performances by Palestinian officials in the Western media, as Twitter said in a blog post.

Reporting by Katie Paul; Additional reporting by Marine Strauss; Editing by Alexander Smith and Stephen Coates

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