Twitter gets a ban on political advertisements, and to cause a full report of the 2020 US election

(Reuters) – Twitter Inc. on Friday said that the political advertising ban, it will contain references to political candidates or legislation, and it will not allow ads that advocate for a particular outcome of social and political issues.

The popular social-media site, which announced for the first time in her political ads are banned in the last month, have not previously been supplied with information about the new policy. On Friday, it said that it is likely to determine the political content of it as something that refers to “a candidate, a political party, an elected or appointed official, an election, a referendum, ballot measure, legislation, regulations, directives, or judicial relief.”

Twitter said it will use a combination of technology and human teams, to ensure the enforcement of new ad policies.

The move comes as the campaigns for the November 2020 presidential elections heat up in the middle of the growing pressure on social media companies to do is to stop accepting the ads, which are the dissemination of false information, and it can sway elections.

“We believe that the political message will have to be earned, not bought,” Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said in its announcement of the ban.

Rival Facebook Inc., saying it did not want to stifle political speech, has rejected calls from some politicians and others have to follow you on Twitter, and said that it would not be in the fat of political advertising for misleading claims on the web site.

The ban is expected to impact on the Sept. 22.

Brad Parscale, campaign manager for U.S. President and Donald Trump’s re-election bid, in a statement called the move “another attempt to silence conservatives, and because Twitter knows the President and He has to be the most cutting-edge online program that has ever been known.”

Bill Russo, vice president of communications for former Vice-President, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, said in a statement that he appreciates that Twitter will not allow “debunked” spots to appear in the ads, but said that with social media, companies have more work to do in order to make sure that their sites are not filled with false information.

“We are looking forward to seeing how the policy works in practice, with the intention to keep up with Twitter, in his words,” he said.

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Twitter will allow businesses and groups to run ads that will promote awareness and discussion of social causes, such as the protection of the marine environment. However, they will not be allowed to pursue a political or legislative changes, especially when they are arguing for something that will be of benefit to their business, and Del Harvey, vp of trust and safety, said in a conference call on Friday.

Under the new policy, for example, the Sierra Club could promote their causes, but they would not be able to get the politicians they support, or the purpose for which they would like to see the reports, elections, or lobbying for political outcomes.

Also, a group will be able to carry a gun violence awareness ad, but I couldn’t make a phone call for a ban on assault weapons used in mass shootings, as a prohibition, it implies the legislation, on Twitter, said.

Advertising, the intent is to promote awareness about a cause, it would be permissible to target users at the state level or higher, but not by the zip code. And those advertisers will not be able to get the people on the basis of their political affiliation, on Twitter, said.

Roy Temple, partner at digital media consultancy, GPS, Impact, has worked on political campaigns, called the move “a giant” cop-out” because Twitter’s CEO that it does not lead to any loss of revenue, and he asked that the difficulties of implementing the complex policy issues.

“I don’t want to be a Twitter employee, who calls in and defend them,” Temple said. “Universal health care” is a cause, but there is a bill to deal with that? What are you talking about the bill or the cause? What is that?”

Harvey said on Friday the new policy is not a change in Twitter’s fourth-quarter revenue forecast. Political ad spending on the 2018 U.S. mid-term election results on Twitter it was less than $3 million, the company reported.

Critics have argued that the ban would be punishing the less well-known candidates will take on a well-funded, well-established businesses in the local elections in the country.

As Facebook and Google, many big players in the digital advertising, to the adoption of a similar policy would be “catastrophic” for down-ballot candidates, lack of name recognition, said Eric Wilson, a political strategist based in Washington, D. C.

“If Facebook deems it to eliminate things such as microtargeting, which is where we get into a panic,” Wilson said. He said the platform is ” the best vehicle for increasing the membership, and that a similar ban might be harmful to the candidate who is unable to accept large donations from corporations and political action committees (Pac’s).

FILE PHOTO: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter logos are seen in this combination photo from the Reuters files. – REUTERS/File Photo

Twitter said it was trying to make the new rules as clear as possible. However, other major tech companies, including Facebook and Alphabet, Inc. ‘ s Google, have been widely publicized struggle to moderate the vast amount of content that is uploaded to their sites.

Publishers that meet certain criteria, the ability to make ads on Twitter, referring to the political content, but they may not advocate for or against a political issue.

Report by Sheila Dang; Editing by Bill Berkrot

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