Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gives conservative staff members ‘do not feel safe to give their opinion’ to the liberal tech giant

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said conservative employees do not feel safe expressing their opinion on the tech giant’s headquarters.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the social media giant’s staff that a right-leaning political views did not feel comfortable to speak, because the company’s ultra-liberal working environment.

“We have a lot of conservative-leaning people in the company, and to be honest, they don’t feel safe to express their opinions in the company,” Dorsey told the New York University professor of journalism Jay Rosen in an interview published on Friday by Recode.

“They feel silenced by the general swirl of what they perceive to be the broader percentage of opinions within the company, and I don’t think it’s fair or right,” he added. “We need to make sure that everyone feels safe to express themselves within the company, regardless of where they come from and what their background is. I mean, my father was a Republican.”


Dorsey said that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were on the radio all the time” during his childhood but his mother was on the other side of the spectrum” in politics.

“I always felt safe challenge for both of them, especially my father, and it was certainly a privilege, but if we create a culture that is not to enable people or to empower people to speak out or not, we’re gonna be able to do that for our service,” he told the esteemed NYU professor.

The Twitter CEO, recently told Fox News Radio that he understands why many conservatives are suspicious of the large tech companies, given the liberal-leaning culture of Silicon Valley.

Last week, Dorsey laid out his company’s defense of the accusations of anti-conservative bias on its platform and denied that the San Francisco-based company is biased.

“Twitter does not use a political ideology to make decisions, or in connection with the arrangement of the content on our service and how we enforce our rules. We strongly believe in being neutral, and we strive to maintain our rules and impartial,” he said in prepared testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce obtained by Fox News.


Dorsey also rejected shadow ban anyone based on political ideology – something that Twitter has been accused of in the past. But while Dorsey has denied that the liberal views of its staff members have no influence on Twitter as a product, are the most recent comments suggest that conservatives have a reason to be skeptical.

“I think it’s more and more important to at least make clear what our own bias is leaning against, and just to express… I would rather know what someone prejudices to instead of trying to interpret through their actions,” Dorsey said Rosen.

Fox News’ James Rogers contributed to this report.

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