Twitter blocks your account if Elon Musk will be the name of your monitor

File photo – SpaceX founder Elon Musk smile at a press conference after the first launch of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, Feb. 6, 2018. (REUTERS/Joe Skipper)

Do you want directly from your Twitter account? Try changing the display-name Elon Musk.

The social media service will automatically lock of Twitter accounts that try to impersonate the famous tech CEO. The reason for this? Too many cryptocurrency scammers are exploiting the Musk and the name of promoting their programs.

The account lockdowns seem to be aimed at stopping spam bot. For a man is, the restrictions can be easily lifted. When you change your profile display name Elon Musk, Twitter will say that it has noticed some unusual activity on your account. To unlock it, you must first pass a CAPTCHA test to prove that you are human, and then verify your mobile phone number.

The new protect, which was noted by The Verge, is a part of Twitter is the ongoing effort to rein in spam via the platform. “This is an evolving challenge,” the company told PCMag. “So, we are rapidly developing our response to be more agile and effective in detecting these problems, and enforce our policies —in particular when it comes to misleading cryptocurrency accounts in violation of our spam rules.”

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The cryptocurrency scams, that all months, in general, associated with a Twitter account as a celebrity and then claim to offer free Bitcoin to followers. To receive the money, followers, you must first confirm eligibility by sending a little of their own Bitcoin to the scammer, the virtual wallet.

The scams themselves can be easy to notice if you look closely at the Twitter account of the handle, and which celebrity is imitating, for example, the fake account can be registered for @DoonaldTrump65 or @EloonMusk, both of which belong to President Donald Trump’s or Musk’s official Twitter handles. Nevertheless, many innocent people have fallen for the con, which has ultimately generate thousands of dollars for the scammers involved.

Twitter did not want to go into details in his latest effort to root out the scams. But the automatic account lockdowns also applies to other notable figures in the cryptocurrency world, including antivirus software maker John McAfee, and Justin van Zon, the founder of Tron, a digital token. PCMag tried changing an account’s display name, both names, and Twitter directly on lock down.

It is likely that the new measure is to prevent bots automatically creating Twitter accounts to fuel the cryptocurrency scams. But it will not entirely prevent human users from changing their Twitter names. All you need to do is pass the CAPTCHA test, and provide a mobile phone number. Once you do that, you are free to change the name but you want to, whether it is Elon Musk or Donald Trump.

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