Twitch is complaining of trolling in those videos of the attack posted

Livestreamwebsite Twitch has been in the United States of america at the court, stepped up to a group of anonymous users, the means to its achievement. The user posted several inappropriate videos, including the footage of the attack on a mosque in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.

Twitch doesn’t know what the video’s are placed, but at the time, the identity of the user to figure it out.

The streaming site is hoping that the court would give permission in order for the users to compensation to pay for the damage. It also invited the site, and the right to be a troll with access to Twitch, to deny it.

It is unusual to see the streaming site, to the right of where she was. Most of the videoplatformen choose, make sure that the rules themselves are to be maintained.

Shocking footage on Twitch

To the anonymous troll posting other offensive video, all copyrighted material, and more graphic images. They were on a large scale to be placed in the category of ” video for the game’s Soundtrack.

The anonymous attack is made there, that Twitch of the two days, made it impossible for new accounts to be registered, in order to prevent the inappropriate material that was posted. In the meantime, action has been taken to ensure a similar attack is to prevent it.

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