‘Twenty of the 25 most polluted cities in the world are in India’

Twenty of the 25 cities with the most air pollution in the world are in India, turns out Tuesday from a new report from AirVisual in cooperation with Greenpeace.

The Indian city of Gurugram, a suburb of New Delhi, according to the report, the most polluted city in the world. New Delhi itself is at place eleven and is the capital city with the most air pollution worldwide.

In the top fifty of the most polluted countries are only cities from South and east Asia, spread across just four countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

The World Air Quality Report 2018 (pdf) focuses on the amount of finer fraction of particulate matter (PM 2,5) in the air. That are particulate matter particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres. The dates in the report are derived from tens of thousands of stations all over the world that the air quality is to continuously keep an eye on.

AirVisuals measure the air quality in more than twelve hundred cities in 73 countries.

Air China would be improved

In China, improved the air quality in 2018 compared to a year earlier, the figures of AirVisual. The concentration of particulate matter in cities fell there in a year’s time, with 12 percent. Capital city Beijing is only found on place 122 in the list.

In the top 25 are ‘only’ two Chinese cities, but who else out there are 22 Chinese cities back in the top fifty.

The Chinese government presented in 2017, an ambitious plan that had to include the 15 percent reduction of the air pollution.

Die every year eight million people by air pollution

According to the world health organization (WHO) die every year eight million people worldwide by air pollution, turned out to last year’s report. The UN-organization keeps a database on ambient air quality from 4,300 cities in 108 countries.

The polluted air is mainly caused by emissions from industry and vehicles, but also public afvalverbrandingen play a large role. If these emissions are associated with a strong decrease of the temperature and wind speeds, creates smog.

In people who have daily polluted air, increases the risk of diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and heart disease has increased dramatically, according to the WHO. 34 percent of all strokes, and 27 percent of all heart disease is caused by polluted air.

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Worst air quality in the Netherlands, measured in Waalwijk, the netherlands

Waalwijk, the netherlands was the first Dutch city that is in the indexing back to be found; the position 1077. Rotterdam is the four big cities of the city, where last year the worst air quality is measured by AirVisual.

In the list are only 28 Dutch cities. In none of these cities is the European standard for air quality is exceeded, on the basis of the data from the report.

The WHO uses a more stringent standard than the EU. In last year’s report showed that the Dutch air in general are quite polluted. Were the urban and industrial areas in Belgium and Germany more polluted than the Randstad in the Netherlands. The air was the cleanest on the Islands, according to the WHO.

Balkans most polluted place in Europe

In Europe breathe especially people in cities in the Balkans, polluted air in, concludes AirVisual. Also the air in Eastern Europe, Paris and the urban area in the north of Italy – including Turin and Milan are located, are seriously polluted.

In August and november of last year had forest fires in the United States and Canada have a major impact on the air quality. In those months, there were five North American cities in the global top ten of the most polluted cities in the world, according to the Tuesday report published.

Forest fires in the American state of California, which resulted in november to sure 86 people’s lives. About fourteen thousand houses were destroyed. The fires covered almost 62.000 hectares. (Photo: Reuters)

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