Twenty killed in two bombings in Baghdad

Twenty killed in two bombings in Baghdad

Photo: AFP

In two bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Tuesday, twenty people killed. In the centre of the city exploded in quick succession, two car bombs. Around eighty people were injured.

In the district of Karrada exploded Tuesday morning early, a car bomb, in which thirteen people were killed and about forty injured. The bomb exploded near a popular parlour.

A few hours later, exploded at a government building in the near Karkh, a second car bomb, in which seven people were killed and 38 people were injured.

The attacks fall in the middle of Ramadan, so after sunset many moslimfamilies congregate in cafés and restaurants. On video chaotic scenes seen on the streets for the bombing. A lot of wounded people lie scattered and some are located on colourful benches for the ice cream parlor.

Ramadan, the fasting month for muslims, is often a factor for a revival of terreurgeweld in Iraq.


Eleven dead and many wounded in bombing of Baghdad


The first bombing is opgeeïst by Islamic State (IS). The last months, the Iraqi capital, also for several times already affected. The second attack was not claimed.

The IS forces are slowly pushed back into Iraq. Especially in the northern city of Mosul are several neighborhoods reclaimed. Government troops are already eight months working on an offensive to dislodge, according to Iraqi commands will the offensive end herald of the caliphate in the country.

The offensive and often successful drivings of by Iraqi troops worry that insurgents attacks and committing attacks as a last attempt to keep their occupied territory to defend.

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