Twente students make cardboard augmentedrealitybril of 29 euros

Twente students make cardboard augmentedrealitybril of 29 euros

Photo: Aryzon

A group of students from the University of Twente wants to be a simple augmentedrealitybril on the market for 29 euro.

Just like the more expensive AR-glasses can the Aryzon digital images on the real world project. In the Aryzon is a smartphone-pushed to make that possible.

The cheap glasses are made of cardboard. The wearer looks through a piece of plastic, where the image of the smartphone via a mirror is projected. Thus, it is possible, for example, to a digital piece of furniture in a living room to show. The Aryzon eyewear makes it also possible to have fingers to use projected images to make them move.

The device was invented by five students who have a master’s degree in industrial design at the University of Twente. For glasses developed its own software that should help to make your own digital visualizations to contribute and download. In addition, the creators of existing AR applications are easy to support for the Aryzon to build.


Simple augmentedrealitybril costs only 29 euro


The Twente glasses reminiscent of the Cardboard, the simple virtualrealitybril that Google was invented by other companies and frequently is counterfeited. Also in that the cardboard device should be a smartphone to be inserted; the user looks through two lenses at the screen of the smartphone to a virtual world to experience.

Co-founder Maarten. says to that his team augmented reality more accessible for little money. Several companies are working on AR glasses, but they are often very expensive. The Microsoft HoloLens, which for the time being only for developers is available, for example costs $ 3,000.

“We hope that we can contribute to the augmentedrealitywereld,” says Stock.”If you do not have enough money for an expensive pair of glasses to buy, you can now get something where you have pretty much the same.”

Projected elephant, seen by Aryzon glasses


Stock and his co-founders want to focus in the coming time, full of bets for Aryzon. “The study is for most of us on hold,” says Stock. “If this is what it is, then maybe you have also no study is more necessary.”

On Kickstarter want the students to at least 25,000 euro crisis at all. The production is mostly all prepared; there should be only a supplier for the plastic lenses to be chosen. The students want the Aryzon in August to deliver the first buyers.

Stock says to be prepared for it to be that the design of the Aryzon easy to copy. The sale of the glasses is also not the long-term strategy of the company, ” he says. “We want to make it so that we have the software continue to deliver, even if it is counterfeit. You still have to Aryzon crazy for the app.”

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