Tv-tip: ‘The Tree of Life’, a masterpiece of Terrence Malick (20.40 you, CAZ)

Winner of the golden Palm ” The Tree of Life (Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn) tells the story of a family with three children in the ’50s. It is one of the most beautiful, most original and daring films of 2011.

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At the Oscars fell The Tree of Life (2011) beyond the prices, but at the Cannes film festival was hit: Terrence Malicks spiritual family drama if there is the Golden Palm to the house. That first place was more than justified: the aesthetic qualities of this lyrical masterpiece about the life of a Texas family in the fifties – with Brad Pitt as a strict patriarch and Jessica Chastain as an angel mother, – are extraordinary. That you can also say of the grand scheme of Malick, one of the most important modernist filmmakers in Hollywood is active. Because this is a symphonic hymn is conceived as a meditation on life and death, God and grace, nature and the cosmos.

Intoxicating aesthetics.

The share of Sean Penn in The Tree of Life is not so great, but still his character is essential. Penn plays Jack O’brien, an architect adrift in the Houston of today. He is frustrated with his relationship with his father, and he is still haunted by the grief over the death of his younger brother, who long ago died. That last one is the stepping stone to a nostalgic trip through the life of the O’briens in the fifties with the classic linear narrative approach radically shunned.

The poetic expressionist Malick should be an amalgam of sensations, tactile impressions and sounds – of a ubiquitous, whispered voice-over to classical music from Bach and Brahms. He last even a spectacular scene of twenty minutes, about the creation of the universe, the reason why the film with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is compared.

Just as Kubrick is of Malick ever said that he is a mysterious, reclusive figure. Gives Interviews, he rarely or never. At the ceremony in Cannes, he sent his cat. The Tree of Life was only his fifth film since 1973, though he’s since been a lot more productive now, even before 2018, there will be three films, including Radegund, which also includes Matthias Schoenaerts will pop up. However, Hollywoods mystic much of themselves in this contemplative portrait with the eye-catching floating camera of Emmanuel Lubezki and enchanting productiedesign of Jack Fisk. The film is based on his own childhood (also Malick lost his brother, and the character of Sean Penn is a kind of alter ego.

Some consider The Tree of Life and the filmography of Malick – as pompous. With this ‘geheugenfilm’ grossly too short. Consider him a feel as a pantheistic reverie of a filmmaker whose oeuvre you with the same admiration can look like to the work of the old masters in painting. (LJ)

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