Tv-tip: ‘Deux jours, une nuit’ (NPO2, 23.35 you)

The latest film from the Dardenne brothers portrays a young Walloon (played by Marion Cotillard) who, with the depressions facing, and just like her job has lost. A prachtfilm.

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The Dardenne brothers? That serve yet time and time again Walloon misery? And yes, Deux jours, une nuit, their seventh and latest film, portrays a young Walloon who with depression is struggling and just like her job has lost. But if you get past the clichés about the work of two-time Golden Palm winners – there are precious few that can say – look, you can see again a prachtfilm, with style and ideas.

In a certain sense, Deux jours, une nuit, the reverse of Ten small negertjes. The vulnerable Sandra (Marion Cotillard), a mother of two, on a Friday night to be told that her job in a zonnepanelenfabriekje lost. Her colleagues were given a choice: their annual premium of one thousand euro loss, or the dismissal of one of them – Sandra. But there is still hope: on Monday, is re-voted. Sandra has two days and one night to eight of her sixteen colleagues to convince for her to choose. That is the beginning of a catchy mission impossible of sometimes humiliating house-to-house calls throughout a summer Seraing.

You verbijt with Sandra’s disappointment when a colleague is reluctant to respond or refuses to help. You feel her cautious relief as another with pleasure, her wants to help. That empathy you feel by the amazing performance of Marion Cotillard. What the fragile Sandra also comes across, how angry or desperate she is, she remains always worthy. And how many tricks they also collects, backed by her husband (Fabrizio Rongione), she remains the energy and strength you find to keep. It makes her a deal, a soldier on the social battlefield, as the young titelpersonage of Rosetta (1999).

The Dardennes are passionate disciples of the compelling simplicity: a simple starting point to create something that will have tentacles extending to the harder to hit the target. And in their moraliteitsfabels from the Walloon social underbelly it also runs always to a dilemma that they are in a hurry hitchcockiaans sense of tension. Keep your abacus ready.

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