Tv presenter Evi Hanssen (40) it feels like less pressure because of aging

Evi Hanssen is celebrating soon its 41st anniversary, and find that they are, therefore, less pressure is experienced. In conversation with the FESTIVAL, says that the Belgian tv presenter, that she learned to love her body and look.

“I know that I am not the best am in for a party. Which leaves me with the fun over, the girls from the twenties. It is not any more for how I look, so I also don’t get in the way,” said Hanssen, who, in the beginning of this year, took part in Wie is de Mol?.

The show was at its fortieth anniversary, and to celebrate it and see no 41. “I’m forty,’ I feel like forty, so can I, please, also, as a forty look like? Against aging, I can do anything. I am proud to be who were lost in battle.”

Hanssen thinks it might be a shame that her body was not with them when they were younger. “Sometimes, I think if I had known what I know now, I would have my 14th, and the age of 24, across the street, walking in shorts and a tank top. Then I had a shooting for the Magazine (with the Flemish successor to The New Landscape, ed.). to be done in a thong and a bra. You do not realize just how beautiful you are, if you are young, you are.”

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