Turkish soldiers come to by Russian air attack

Turkish soldiers come to by Russian air attack

By a Russian airstrike in northern Syria three Turkish soldiers to the accident and eleven others injured. That’s what happened, according to Defense in Ankara by accident.

The incident took place near al-Bab, the last stronghold of Islamic State in the province of Aleppo.

President Vladimir Putin has his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan Thursday by phone her amazing strong with this unnecessary loss of life. They agreed that the military co-ordination in the fight against IS to intensify. That has the Kremlin announced on Thursday, without going into details.

Mutual agreement is a necessity for the reconquest of al-Bab. With Turkish aid as Syrian rebels for quite some time the area north of the city in their hands and they are already penetrated in a few suburbs.


The government forces of Syrian president Assad, aided by the Russian air force, al-Bab from the southeast surrounded. The last road connecting to Raqqa was thus ended.

The Syrian rebels and their Turkish allies in the offensive against IS in al-Bab Thursday continued unabated.

The independent news agency Dogan reports that during the fighting five Turkish soldiers have been killed. The Turkish army claimed the 44 fighters to have off. The jihadists defend themselves with suicide missions.

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