Turkey will send from Monday to captured militants to the homeland

Turkey is caught up, IS militants as of Monday, to their home country to return, saying that the Turkish prime minister Süleyman Soylu of Home Affairs on Friday against the state-controlled media. According to the minister, that all of the prisoners out of Europe. It is not yet clear how many people are involved.

Soylu made the plans earlier this month, are yet to be revealed, when the evacuation would begin. It does, according to the minister, does not matter whether a country is a national of a Syriëganger to withdraw: they will be sent back to you.

In european countries, according to Soylu will not be enough for warriors to return to pick it up. “The countries are saying IS that fighters need to be brought to justice in the countries in which they are trapped,” he said over the weekend. “We can’t accept it.”

A number of EU member states, including the uk, have had on several occasions indicated that they do not Syriëgangers want to restore it. Among the prisoners were also people, it is not known at this time.

“We are in close contact with Turkey”, said the minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs, in a response to the Turkish announcement. He points out that, in the past, all of it IS fighters have been returned, and that there are procedures.

Turkey wants to be more supportive of the European Union

– The Turkish authorities to help the EU countries to Turkey is not enough to support it. Thursday was the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again criticized by the European Union.

Turkey wants to be in the north-east of Syria, to a so-called “safe haven” for the two million Syrian refugees in Turkey to return to their country of origin. Turkey is home to more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees.

“If we receive funding or not, we will continue to provide assistance to the guests of our country. However, if this does not happen, we will have the door to Europe is open,” said Erdoğan on Thursday. He was here last month too, after the Turkish troops in the north-east of Syria, were attacked.

Many countries have responded to critical of Erdogans decision to get into Syria to fight with the Kurdish YPG), a militia which the Turks are seen as a part of the anglican church. In the battle between the two parties have attacked hundreds of victims.

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