Turkey under Erdogan in a ‘new war of independence’

Turkey under Erdogan in a ‘new war of independence’

Photo: AFP

The Turkish republic is 93 years after its incorporation, engaged in a “new war of independence”, president Erdogan said in his nieuwjaarsrede.

“The national unity, territorial integrity, institutions, economy, foreign politics, in short, all the elements that our state uphold be sharply attacked,” he said.

“Terreurorganisaties are just the visible faces and the tools of this fight. We are fighting essentially against the powers behind these organisations.” To what powers it would go, said he did not.

Erdogan has called the attempted coup in July, “terrible terrorist attack” from the history of the republic. “The Turkey is successful from this catastrophe and a new beginning.”

Erdogan stated the Gulen movement responsible for the couppoging. In that respect are more than forty thousand people were arrested. Also, tens of thousands of people dismissed.

“These malignant cells,” from every layer of society removed. The population must prepare for a long fight, but the will of the people is strong enough, said the Turkish president.

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