Turkey thinks that the Hari’s injury could have been a win

Rico Verhoeven, west end, despite the two-time, eight-count, which he received in a duel with Badr Hari was still not in a defeated position. The world champion in heavy weight, he thinks he is also, without a heavy injury, still, his opponent was able to win.

While in Turkey, at the press conference after the fight, patiently explained that, while due to the stupid mistakes of his own to ruin, it is lost, but the fact that the party is outside, which is completely in accordance with his plan was, they said, from the back of the press room, the loud voice of a kickbokser Hesdy Gerges. “Bullsh * t, Hari was on a roll, man!”

The normally calm, Consistent, reacts vigorously, turn it a few times on the table, and it is called Gerges, a pancake, and a aandachtszoeker. “Do you know what it is? If you’re at the top, then everyone of you will eat. However, you should only eat when you are in the very best of you. Otherwise, you just have to be on the side stand, my friend.”

The woedeuitbarsting at the small Gerges, a 35-year-old heavyweight in his career, though twice defeated, and was followed by about an hour and a half after the Verhoevens very difficult match as the defending champion of the Genre.

In all the preceding matches in which, Consistent with the success of his championship belt and defended, was he just a one-time, up to eight seconds to hit the ground. On Saturday in Arnhem, the netherlands managed to Sources inside of three rounds, two to the Consistent eight-count to you.

But the second time he got to Amsterdam, a Moroccan. With a Consistent checkered spiral staircase ran up Hari with a serious injury to the lower leg, and he had, like, three years ago, when the first mutual meeting in Oberhausen, as the battle came to a halt.

85Verhoeven furious fighter, and Gerges, during a press conference

Turkey is disappointed in himself after the terrible mistakes

Short of a violent argument, have explained to Turkey that he himself is still a good chance of success judged against the Sources. “Of course, I made two major mistakes,” says the Dutchman. “I’m very disappointed in myself.”

Verhoeven said that he was the first of the eight counts had to be carried away by his emotions and the fight in the sold-out Breakfast with a stand. For the second time, he allowed himself to be swayed by the strength of his opponent: with a kick to the leg.

“I thought to myself, which was a bummer, why would I do that? But I get up again and fight again. I also know that I have the strength to get back in the fight,” said the world champion.

62Verhoeven: “I Never had the feeling that I was not able to go to

Turkey frustrated by injuries, Sources

“Those two errors, and after working my gameplan is just great”, commented Turkey’s back. The plan there was, in short, are basically Consistent with the first one and a half round, and against the light, and beweeglijkere Sources to survive, and then to their condition, and by hard knocks the party to go to.

“I had him a couple of times in very good touch with a lot of impact,” said Verhoeven. And if you are a person a couple of times, hard to hit, and then he slows down. In the second round in terms of points for me, and I have to admit, though, that I was here.”

That Hari early in the third round of re-injury had to give up a source of Consistent, double sensations. “This is not the way you want to win. You want it to be less than at the end of the fifth round, with the best quality. And if you are after five rounds of reports, then we can tell you now that you earn the championship belt. It’s a shame that it didn’t work out so it is.”

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