Turkey offers shelter to more than 3.5 million refugees

Turkey offers shelter to more than 3.5 million refugees

In Turkey life now more than 3.5 million refugees. The Turkish minister of the Interior, Suleyman Soylu said on Wednesday that his country so far 3.551.078 people has been recorded.

That is more than three times as much as all the countries of the European Union together. Most of them, 2.9 million people, are refugees from Syria. Also, there are a lot of refugees from Iraq the border to Turkey, crossed.

The country has about 75 million inhabitants, and has the care of the refugees, about 25 billion dollars (23.6 billion euros) issued. Of the total number of refugees living around 10 percent in camps.

Turkey has, according to Soylu a black list of 52.075 foreign extremists from 145 countries that the country is not allowed and 4.369 people from nearly a hundred different countries are shown. The country that is more than 1400 km border with Syria and Iraq, there is rather of the accused to have little to do with the coming and going of jihadists.

Syrian refugees legally in Turkey EU

Since the events of the migratiedeal with Turkey officially entered, last year, 2.672 Syrian refugees legally in Turkey with EU.

Something more than a thousand of these refugees were by Germany.

The netherlands and France both have more than four hundred Syrian refugees picked up, reported the German Welt am Sonntag.

The EU sent in its turn, 801 illegal migrants through Turkey, Greece came back.

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