Turkey makes an official candidate for organisation EK 2024


Turkey makes an official candidate for organisation EK 2024

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During a press conference, Turkey has Wednesday announced himself as a candidate for the organisation of the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 2024.

“We want Turkey as a candidate for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and will pray on 2 march to the UEFA submit”, said president Yildirim Demirören, the Turkish football federation.

In april 2014, spoke to the Turks all the ambitions for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2024 to organize. Turkey lost before the struggle for the organization of the european CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 in France. Decided the country not to participate to the organization of several competitions of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020, which is in thirteen different countries is played.

Istanbul suggested as a candidate for the organisation of the Olympic Games in 2020, but lost in the mood of Tokyo. Never before has a sporting event the size of the Olympics, the world cup or european football CHAMPIONSHIPS in Turkey will be held.

Attempts to the tournaments of 2008 and 2012 to organize failed. “But now we think that we are both on an organizational level, and as a country deserve to get the EK from 2024 to get,” argued Demirören.

The Turkish bond emphasized that the investments in football stadiums in the country an important trade-off for the UEFA. “Turkey is the only country in Europe and even worldwide in recent years, in up to 32 stadiums money has inserted”, and timely Demirören.


At the press conference said the sportminister of Turkey Akif Çagatay Kiliç that the candidacy of the country is worn by president Erdogan and prime minister Yildirim.

The deadline for the nomination as a candidate for the UEFA is 3 march. To date, only Germany indicated the organization of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to want to take. Likely also Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway held a joint candidate.

The UEFA in 2018 known where the EK of 2024.

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