Turkey: “I told Badr that it’s not over between us”

Rico Verhoeven is living with Badr Hari, after his challenger with an injury, had to give up the fight for the world title in the heavyweight. Turkey, who on Saturday, his tenth world title win, wants the Sources to re-challenge them for a game.

In the third round, ran to Hari, a risk of injury to a spiral staircase, and he had to be in the party and forced to stop. Verhoeven was right about the Sources. “I told Badr that it’s not over between you and me. But at the end of the day it is your health which is most important. We will be back fighting”, said the Turkey at the end.

At the last party, in 2016, had Hari been give up with a broken arm. Hari asked then Turkey again for a second attempt at a flooded bus station, where 31,000 people in the stands, they sat in front of the party.

Hari was pushing out of the starting blocks and with a good Turkey, in the first round on the defensive. In fact, for the first time in his New career was Consistent for eight seconds. That’s what happened to him in the first round again.

“I was twice amazed,” says Verhoeven. “I’m very disappointed in myself. But other than that, the gameplan, I was able to love him with the impact of hitting it. The emotions took over for a little bit for me. I was struck, went down to the ground, but got back up to fight. But the fight is only at the very end, when the bell for the fifth round of what it sounds like.”

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