Turkey and Greece change of attitude after talks with Cyprus

Turkey and Greece change of attitude after talks with Cyprus

Photo: AFP

Greece has said that there is no solution to the situation in Cyprus, as ‘the occupation by the Turks’ on the island does not end. The Turkish president Erdogan stressed Friday, in turn, that Turkish troops on the island will continue.

The statements of Greece and Turkey to follow the day after the end of the herenigingsgesprekken under the leadership of the United Nations (UN), also a peacekeeping mission on Cyprus maintain.

Although the herenigingsgesprekken no concrete results was made according to the parties involved, however, srpake of “encouraging progress”. Both countries are therefore now also firmly on the situation in Cyprus.

From 23 January, there is further negotiated. In addition to representatives of the groups and the Turkish and Greek ministers, is Britain involved in the talks, as the former colonial ruler until 1960.

Turkey attacked Cyprus in 1974, during a political crisis. In the north vestigdeTurkije a Turkish-Cypriot republic that is internationally not recognized and, as occupied area is considered. The south is the republic of Cyprus. The island has 1.2 million inhabitants. Almost 70 percent of the population is of Greek descent.

The division of the island led in 1963 to escalating tensions between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriot minority was in 1963, very violent.

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