Turkey: 371.000, Syrian refugees return home after the raid in Syria

So 371.000 Syrian refugees in Turkey have returned to their home countries, says Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday. The group returned to their home after the Turkish invasion in the border area with Syria.

Turkey is home to more than three million refugees from the neighboring country. Erdogan on Tuesday in Switzerland at the start of the first-ever Global Refugee Forum.

History began in October, the final offensive in the north-east of Syria, with the aim of establishing a “buffer zone against terrorism,” allowing them to create a million-in-Turkey-based refugees to return to Syria. The attack was stopped for more than a week or so later. At that time there were already some five hundred deaths.

The fight was stopped after an agreement with the United States of america. The Americans, among others, agreed that the History of his proposed “safe zones” are allowed to create, and that the Kurdish militia YPG, which Turkey, as an extension of the PKK, however, is the border exit.

History: for More refugees to return soon to their home

One of the first Syrians have been deported in Erdogan’s homes and schools to be built in the area. He said that within a “very short time” hundreds of thousands of other Syrian refugees, are sure to follow. The return of the group for Syria will be on a voluntary basis, according to History.

He also reports that the returning Assyrians willingly have gone home. It is in all of the cases, it is true, is called into question. Human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported earlier this year that dozens of refugees are forced to return to Syria.

Kurdish protesters in europe”. (Photo: Reuters)

Turkey is criticizing the policies of European Union

According to Erdogan, Turkey has over the past nine years, the 40 billion dollars 35,8 million) has been spent on the care of refugees, Which is significantly more than the European Union, has issued us $ 6 billion (5.4 billion euros). Turkey finds European countries must do more to take the burden to be distributed.

Kurdish protesters have on Tuesday gathered in front of the building of the United Nations in Geneva, where the five-day meeting is being held. They will take action against Erdogan and his policies towards the Kurds.

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