TUI Airways slammed for ‘sexist’ pilot, cabin crew stickers for children

“It happens implicitly all the time. The boys can have the Lego, the space rocket to the moon, and the girls have a little pony.”


TUI Airways is in hot water with many, if flight attendants have reportedly spread, “the Future Captain” stickers for boys and the “Future Cabin Crew” stickers to the girls ahead of recent flights, in a “deeply sexist” movement that has left many Twitter users frustrated.

Metro reported that TUI passenger Dame Gillian Morgan spotted airline staff members is to spread the controversial items to children on Aug. 15 flight from Bristol, England, Cyprus.

Later recalling that she “absolutely sure” the stickers are issued by gender, Morgan said the “deeply sexist” incident especially touched a nerve, as she was travelling with her own young great-niece and nephew.

“The stickers were gender neutral, but it is the way in which they were dealt, that makes it complicated,” the 65-year-old physician and scientist told the outlet.


“It happens implicitly all the time. The boys can have the Lego, the space rocket to the moon, and the girls have a little pony,” she said of the incident that they the nickname “a disgrace.”

“We urgently need more women to do science, mathematics and engineering, but small things like this brings us backwards by providing the limit of the roll,” Morgan added.

In the days since many Twitter users have chimed in on the matter and expressed similar feelings.

Epic fail by TUI. Girls can fly planes…..

— Sarah Ockwell-Smith (@TheBabyExpert) August 23, 2018

“Epic fail by TUI. Girls can fly planes, too,” wrote.

How fun, children are given stickers that say ‘future pilot’ – but only if they are the boys. Girls got ‘future cabin crew’ stickers in the first place. Ugh! #everydaysexism

— Athene Donald (@AtheneDonald) 22 August 2018

“Ugh! #everydaysexism,” another agreed.

TUI Airways issued the boys with future pilot’ stickers ‘ and girls ‘future cabin crew” stickers. Really, how is this kind of thing still happen?

— Helen Coffey (@LenniCoffey) August 23, 2018

“Really, how is this kind of things still happen?” one wondered.

The London-headquartered carrier returned to Fox News’ request for comment with the following explanation of the incident was probably a misunderstanding.


“We are very sorry to hear of a small number of customers are upset by this. We think that it is just a simple mix-up since our future pilots and cabin crew decals are designed for use for every child, regardless of gender,” a spokesman said. “The stickers are a part of our activity packages intended to be used by the crew to communicate, interact with and create special moments for our customers on their vacation.”

“The feedback that we have done so far this summer was overwhelmingly positive. Children fall in love with flying as they go on their holidays with us and we want to encourage their dreams of becoming future pilots and flight crew.”

Janine Puhak is an editor for Fox News Lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter via @JaninePuhak

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