TU Eindhoven, working on ‘borstvriendelijke’ mammogram

TU Eindhoven, working on ‘borstvriendelijke’ mammogram

The Technical University of Eindhoven is working on a new technique for possible breast cancer on time to discover. The new technique would ‘borstvriendelijker’, because without the radiation, and working with ultrasound.

Now it is still so that the breast between two plates is clamped to one or more x-ray images. The used x-ray itself can contribute to the development of cancer.

In the new method, the patient lies on a table and the breast hangs freely in a small bowl. With special ultrasound (inaudible sound waves) is then a 3D image of the breast.

The current way of scanning for breast cancer will often for the wrong analyses: more than two-thirds of the cases where there is a concern to see on the radiographs, it is false positive: there appears, after analysis of biopsies, not cancer.

Any cancer is on the generated images with the new method is clear. The researchers therefore expect that there is much less false-positive results will be.

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