TU Delft wins prestigious Hyperloop competition in USA

TU Delft wins prestigious Hyperloop competition in USA

Photo: Moerman

A student team from the TU Delft on Monday, a prestigious prize for the best design of a ‘Hyperloop’, a fast-paced futuristic means of transport that was invented by Tesla-founder Elon Musk.

This is reported by a spokesman Marleen van de Kerkhof of the team Monday from Hawthorne, California. In a Hyperloop move capsules a vacuumbuis. That must be a lot of resistance, remove and can make for a very fast and efficient means of transportation.

Last weekend was in California on a testparcours organised a competition among 28 teams that previously the impression had managed to do with the design of a capsule.

Of them knew, however, but three teams in the draft so far that they are actually on the track. The others did not for the tests that in advance were carried out, reports Business Insider.


During the match, rushed the three teams as soon as possible by the 1.2-kilometre-long tube. The team from Delft took the highest overall score.

“We were not the fastest, but that was not the price at which we wanted to go,” says Van de Kerkhof. “We wanted an innovative good contribution. That’s why we are focused not only on speed but also on efficiency in the construction and on the cost and safety of the capsule. On this basis, we have won a prize.”

TU Delft unveils super-fast Hyperlooptrein


The price for fastest capsule went to a team from the technical university in Munich. The American university MIT won for safety and reliability. During the design phase of the Hyperloopwedstrijd went to the TU Delft and the MIT, there before prices took off.

The team from Delft, with its capsule is about 90 kilometers per hour. Ultimately, Hyperloops on longer jobs so efficiently that capsules even more than a thousand kilometers per hour. There are already several companies established in order to investigate where the means of transport, in practice, can be established.

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