Tsunami deals damage on Sumatra and Java in Indonesia

By the tsunami that Saturday night, the beaches around the Street Sunda in Indonesia reached, are certainly 222 people to the life and more than eight hundred wound cases. Hundreds of buildings are destroyed or completely washed away by the 15-metre-high tidal wave.

The tsunami took place at 21.30 hours local time. ()


Tsunami hits band and concert-goers in Indonesia

The tide overcame a performance of a local rock band. (Image: BNO News)

Sure 222 people are to the life to come. ()

A lot of houses on the coast of Java and Sumatra have been wiped out. ()


Aerial shots show the destruction on Indonesian coast after tsunami

In a number of locations are buildings on the coast were destroyed by the flood. (Picture: Twitter)

A ruined house in place Carita, located on the west coast of Java. (Photo: AFP)

Wounded are treated in the hospital in Carita. ()

Searches for survivors and the damage will be mapped. ()

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