Tsunami comes at the end of year 2018 in Indonesia

The tsunami that Saturday night, the coastlines of Java and Sumatra reached, is the latest of a series of disasters in Indonesia in recent years have taken. The country was earlier this year, earthquakes, a tsunami and an aviation disaster to ” to endure.

Veerbootrampen on Sulawesi and Sumatra

Both Sulawesi as Sumatra this year with a bootramp. In June, sinking a wooden ferry in the Lake in North Sumatra, which 164 people were killed. There were a lot more people on the boat than allowed was. A month later the same happens with a ferry to Sulawesi, some 31 people, the living cost.

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Earthquake Lombok

On July 29, is the island of Lombok was hit by a heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4, followed by a series of quakes to follow. On the northern part of the island is almost 75 percent of the homes destroyed.

On August 24, reports the Indonesian disaster agency BNPB that the death toll in the earthquake has risen to 555. Certainly 77.000 houses have been destroyed and nearly 400,000 residents live in shelters.


Drone captures devastation after earthquake in Lombok fixed

Earthquake and tsunami on Sulawesi

At the end of september is the island of Sulawesi hit by an earthquake and tsunami. More than two thousand people come to life and 4.400 people get seriously injured. To expectation is the death toll even around the five thousand, because there are a lot of people are missing.

By the disaster are approximately 200,000 remain homeless. Entire neighborhoods of the capital Palu have been completely wiped out. The two thousand inhabitants are at present missing.

For the disaster is a Giro555-action started. A Dutch day of action on October 10, delivers 11.2 million euros.


Sulawesi hit by earthquakes and tsunami: An overview

Lion Air aircraft crashes in java sea

On October 29, deposit a passenger plane of Lion Air with 189 passengers on board down in the java sea, shortly after leaving the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. There are no survivors found.

In the report of the investigations undertaken it appears that the aircraft “was not worthy to fly”. In the report, the exact cause of the crash is not known, but is described how the pilot tried the Boeing 737 under control after a “problem with the flight control”.

The pilots are given immediately after the start problems with the operation of the aircraft. Sensors give wrong information, so the nose of the plane each time, down to dive.

More than 24 times to know the pilots of the aircraft to manually back up again, but after thirteen minutes they lose final control over the Boeing 737 Max, and then the unit crashes into the ocean.

Photo series: Aircraft Lion Air crashes in Indonesia

A plane from Lion Air on Monday, October 29, crashed in the java sea.

Rescue workers think that there is no survivors.
© Reddingsorganisatie Indonesia

Divers of the reddingsorganisatie of Indonesia’s search in the water for the wreckage and the passengers of the plane.
© Reddingsorganisatie Indonesia

Wreckage of the aircraft be taken out of the water.

People search or the names of family members on the list with passengers standing.

Rescue workers have the belongings of the passengers gathered for the next of kin.

Survivors searching in the water and objects found on the belongings of their loved ones.

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